We have always believed there is a better way for personal trainers to deliver a high quality personalised service, rather than the traditional 1 on 1 style appointment. Which is why we started Aegis Fitness, and have now opened Aegis Gym.


Our key strength to our clients’ success is building a strong relationship with not only their trainers but the environment around them.

From starting our very first social sports team in 2018, we now have over 15 social sporting teams comprising of gym members, friends and family.

“It’s not about giving the best advice, but finding the right advice for the person at that particular moment so that you’re able to action it today to make a difference tomorrow” – Coach John Phung


Most common reasons why people join our community:

  • They don’t feel intimidated to workout here
  • It’s not a typical muscle gym
  • They love the vibe from other members, very supportive and non-judgmental.


Client quotes

  • “You don’t make it feel like a gym where I get yelled at.”
  • “I love the combination of sports and group classes”
  • “I’ve been to a lot of gyms, but how you connect people through team sports is amazing”


Check out a snapshot of Aegis’ journey below;

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