Our Group classes are ratio structured to allow more time with your instructor during your class. We aim to deliver the highest quality of group classes by keeping the classes smaller to allow higher quality technique corrections and guidance for members. Group classes are designed around a team work structure, making it fun and interactive with other members while BURNING calories!


An interval training class that mixes functional weight training with high intensity cardio.

These classes are designed to push participants harder to achieve maximum calories burnt.

If you love being pushed and you are driven, this is the perfect class for you!

HIIT Classes

HIIT is a training class created to give you short intense bursts of exercise, followed by short active recovery periods.

Focused on keeping your heart rate at optimal levels for fat loss.

Circuit 101

Our introduction to circuit training class is a short and sharp 30 minute class aimed at introducing you to high intensity training.

The class is self paced in a controlled environment, making it a great way to build your foundation for future classes.

If you are fresh to exercise or returning to exercise, this is the class for you.


In our boxing classes, trainers will teach you techniques that strengthen your whole body, increase your endurance, build muscle and boost your confidence.

Whether you're a seasoned boxer or it's your first time, this class will help you improve your skills while giving you a great workout at the same time.

Under the Bar

A specialised weight training class that focuses on teaching you safe and efficient techniques for heavy lifting.

Our primary focus of the class will include Barbell Squats and Deadlifts.

If you are wanting to take your heavy lifting to the next level, this is the class for you.

Interested? Check out our class timetable!