Parenthood is a much loved and fantastic part of every person's life and at Aegis Gym we offer FREE Creche services to our members. Why do you ask? Simply put, for the next few years (or decades :) you’ll be spending a lot of resources on your little one.

This free service allows parents to reinvest in themselves in their well-being, whether it’s new clothes, an extra protein shake or a few PT sessions.

Our Creche is fully licensed as an authorised provider of children's services, which is regulated by the Department of Education and Training and governed by the National quality framework for education and care for children.

The purpose of the service is to allow parents to work out in a carefree environment while their kids are cared for by our educators.


How to get started:

Step 1 - Book in for a tour to see if our facility is the right fit for you and your child

Step 2 - Consultation with Person of Management Control (PMC)

Step 3 - Become a Member (Parent Membership)

Step 4 - Complete Enrollment Form

Step 5 - Free access

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